10 Easy DIY Garden Wishing Wells You Can Make Today – With Free Plans!

When I was growing up, we had the most adorable little wishing well in our front yard. I have always loved those things and of course, the one from my childhood is long gone. I recently began thinking about adding a wishing well to my flower garden. I want something that is going to draw attention to the garden and maybe even something that has special features like one that actually holds water or even plants. So, I started on my quest to find the perfect DIY garden wishing well and what I found are 10 free plans for wishing wells that you can make today.

10 Easy DIY Garden Wishing Wells You Can Make Today – With Free Plans!

Seriously, these are all so easy that you can have any of them completed in just a few hours. There are wooden wishing wells, stone or brick ones and even one that has a gorgeous water feature built right into it! Whether you want something to sit by the mailbox to increase your curb appeal or you want a DIY wishing well that doubles as a planter, I have the perfect free DIY wishing well plans for you. And while you are busily dressing up your garden, you should take a look at these 20 DIY vertical gardens that will help you to make the most of your small spaces.

I do love wishing wells. They have such old world appeal and these are all so simple to put together. With these free plans, you can customize your wishing well to look any way you want it. There is even a great DIY wishing well that you can make from upcycled tires! Imagine getting a gorgeous wishing well for your garden without spending any money. You can of course, buy these at any home improvement store but they are definitely not cheap. And besides, DIYing your outdoor garden projects is so much more satisfying. And, be sure that you check out my 10 DIY butterfly feeders to add even more beauty to your outdoors.

1. Easy DIY Brick Wishing Well

Easy DIY Brick Wishing WellBrick wishing wells really look authentic and you can have your very own in the garden with this DIY brick wishing well plan. This one is really fast and easy to build and when it is finished, you will have a rustic looking wishing well to grace your garden or front yard. This is a great project to repurpose that stack of old bricks that you have on hand or if you need to buy bricks, you can get them pretty cheap from home improvement stores. This is such a creative way to reuse old bricks.

Tutorial: hunker

2. Easy DIY Wishing Well Planter

Easy DIY Wishing Well PlanterIf you just want a small wishing well to add to your garden area, this little wishing well planter is just perfect. It is so easy to build and you can have it completed in just an afternoon. Once it is done, you can use it to house your favorite plants. This one is pretty small so it would also make a nice porch decoration and of course, it would make a wonderful gift for any gardener that you know.

Tutorial: howtospecialist

3. DIY Wishing Well With Lid

DIY Wishing Well With LidThis DIY wooden wishing well has a lid, so you can keep it closed up when you want. You could also use this one as a planter, but the lid really comes in handy during the colder months when you don’t have any plants to add to your wishing well. You could also use the lidded area for storage – keep your gardening tools in your wishing well! This is a simple one to build and it even has a spindle.

Tutorial: myoutdoorplans

4. Simple DIY Round Bottom Wishing Well

Simple DIY Round Bottom Wishing WellYou can make this wishing well really quickly if you are using certain reclaimed materials. If you have a bucket or barrel, you can use that for the base and save yourself the time of building a wooden one. This one has a number of options for customization and if you have certain materials on hand, you can likely build this one completely free.

Tutorial: wikihow

5. DIY Stone Wishing Well

Imagine having a beautiful stone wishing well in your garden! You can stop imagining and start building this easy DIY stone wishing well today. This one is so simple and it has such a gorgeous old world look to it. It is perfect for adding a touch of decoration to your garden or front yard. You build a simple wood wishing well and then cover it with mortar and stones – which you can get for free if you live near a river! You have to love gorgeous DIY stone, rock or pebble crafts.


6. Five Foot Cedar Wishing Well

Five Foot Cedar Wishing WellCedar is such a gorgeous wood and it is perfect for making your own DIY wishing well. I found this lovely kid on Etsy and it’s really cheap at just under $90. You get everything that you need to make your own wishing well and it only takes a couple of hours to put everything together and complete your project. If you don’t want to worry with running to the hardware store for your supplies, this is a great alternative.

Tutorial: etsy.com

7. DIY Wishing Well Burn Barrel

DIY Wishing Well Burn BarrelNot only does this DIY wishing well give you decoration for your outdoors, it doubles as a burn barrel or a firepit if you prefer. You make this with the drum from an old washing machine and then just add the roof and the cute little wooden bucket. This is a great wishing well to have on hand if you tend to burn your paper trash or you could turn it into a lovely firepit to relax by on cool evenings.

Tutorial: instructables

8. Repurposed Wood Pallet Wishing Well

Repurposed Wood Pallet Wishing WellYou know that there has to be a DIY wishing well plan that you can make from old pallets…and here it is! This one is really simple and pallets are so cheap to buy. You may even have a few on hand already. If you do, this one can be built in just a few hours and it is perfect for adding some décor to your lawn and garden area.

Tutorial: 99pallets

9. DIY Wishing Well Waterfall

This DIY wishing well doubles as a gorgeous outdoor water feature. It is pretty simple to build and when it is finished, you have a lovely waterfall right there in the garden. If you are looking for DIY water features, this is definitely one that you will want to consider. Not only do you get the sound of trickling water, you get the lovely look of an old fashioned wishing well. What could be better for your garden?


10. DIY Recycled Tire Wishing Well

DIY Recycled Tire Wishing WellDid you know that you can make a wishing well from old tires? This one is so easy to build and so gorgeous when it is finished. You just need three old tires – and by the way, this is a great project for repurposing old tires – and a few other supplies to build this one, and it won’t take you long at all to complete. When you’re finished, you paint on the brick look and add plants.

Tutorial: fabartdiy

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