18 Decorative DIY Garden Benches That Add Warmth And Comfort To Your Outdoors

I love gardening. There is honestly nothing more relaxing than planting and decorating the outdoors. I started planning my spring flower garden and thought about adding a decorative bench…something where people can sit and relax or even something to hold my potted plants. I believe that every garden needs a bench to give it a warm and welcoming look, and so I started thinking about ways to build a garden bench. I found so many wonderful ideas!

18 Decorative DIY Garden Benches That Add Warmth And Comfort To Your Outdoors

These 18 decorative DIY garden benches are sure to bring some comfort and warmth to your garden. There are so many wonderful plans and many that you can do with repurposed or upcycled materials. If you don’t currently have a garden bench, now is definitely the time to start building. You have plenty of time to get it just perfect before your spring flowers bloom. And, you should also take a look at these 30 whimsical DIY garden decorations to add some fun and color to your garden. They will go great with these DIY garden benches.

I do love upcycling old things and giving them new life. That’s why I love many of these garden bench projects. You can turn an old baby crib into an adorable bench for kids or take an old bed and make it a lovely planting bench. There are so many options and if you don’t have anything to upcycle or reuse, you can just build your garden bench from scratch. There are tons of plans for building your own benches out of wood, cinder blocks and many other materials. And you can highlight your garden by laying down a path with any of these 25 DIY garden stepping stones.

1. Repurposed Baby Crib Bench

Repurposed Baby Crib BenchAn old baby crib makes a beautiful bench for the garden. If you have a crib that you can use, it can easily be repurposed into a bench that you can sit and relax on or use to showcase your favorite potted plants. If you don’t have a crib to use for this, check out your local thrift stores. Goodwill normally has them for less than $30.

Plans/Tutorial: paintedtherapy

2. DIY Willow Branch Bench

DIY Willow Branch BenchIf you don’t have anything to upcycle into a bench or you don’t want to spend the money buying boards and other supplies, simply make your garden bench out of willow branches. This is a great one if you are looking for some rustic DIY farmhouse décor for your outdoors. It’s not a terribly difficult bench to make and it looks so lovely with plants around and on it.

Plans/Tutorial: vtwonen

3. Cheap And Easy Block And Wood Bench

Cheap And Easy Block And Wood BenchYou can build this garden bench in under an hour and if you have some cinder blocks and wooden boards on hand, it won’t cost you anything. This is honesty one of the easiest garden benches you will ever see and you can dress it up a bit if you want by painting the boards and blocks to add some design. Add some cushions to make it a comfortable sitting bench.

Plans/Tutorial: diyncrafts

4. $20 X Leg Bench

$20 X Leg BenchYou can build this cute little bench for just $20 and it is perfect for creating a relaxing area in your garden. All of the supplies can be bought from your local hardware or home improvement store and this is a really simple bench to build. Paint it any color that you need to match your outdoor décor – you could even do this in smaller sizes for holding your plants.

Plans/Tutorial: sawdustgirl

5. Upcycled Door Bench

Upcycled Door BenchAn old door can easily be turned into a lovely bench for your garden and this one won’t cost you anything if you have a few basic woodworking supplies on hand. This is a great idea if you are remodeling and need something to do with those old interior doors. You could do a couple and create a lovely seating area right there in your flower garden.

Plans/Tutorial: dumpedanddiscovered

6. Easy Corner Storage Bench

Easy Corner Storage BenchThis little bench serves a couple of purposes. Not only is it great for relaxing, you can store things inside it so you have room to keep all of your gardening tools. This is a good one to put on the deck overlooking your garden or you could just build it right there in the garden and give it a coat of waterproofing sealant to keep it safe from the elements.

Plans/Tutorial: ramblingrenovators

7. Easy DIY Planter Bench

Easy DIY Planter BenchThis planter bench is the perfect accent for your garden. Not only does it add aesthetics, it holds your plants perfectly and it is a pretty each bench to build. This one will cost you a bit in terms of wood, but if you have a few old boards that you really want to use in a DIY project, it may not cost you much at all to build this one.

Plans/Tutorial: mydailyrandomness

8. Upcycled Garage Door Bench

Upcycled Garage Door BenchI really love the rustic look of this old garage door turned garden bench. This one is pretty simple to do and if you have an old wooden garage door, you’re halfway there. There is a bit of sawing and putting together required but when it is finished, this will make a gorgeous bench for your flower garden and you can utilize the space underneath for storing your gardening tools.

Plans/Tutorial: reposhture

9. Repurposed Chair Garden Bench

Repurposed Chair Garden BenchThis garden bench has a beautiful rustic quality to it and you make it from old wooden chairs. There really are some brilliant ways to repurpose old chairs, and this is one of them. If you don’t have a couple of old chairs that you can use, you can likely find them at your local thrift store and they won’t cost much at all. Then you can turn them into this adorable bench that will really highlight your flower garden.

Plans/Tutorial: myrepurposedlife

10. DIY Upcycled Pallet Bench

DIY Upcycled Pallet BenchThis pallet bench, or sofa, is the perfect place to relax in your garden. You build it from old pallets so if you have a stack that is just waiting on a DIY project, here it is. You can also build a matching chair if you want or just make the bench to highlight your garden area. This is perfect for sitting or you could really pile on some plants on this one.

Plans/Tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors

11. Cute And Colorful Picket Fence Bench

Cute And Colorful Picket Fence BenchHow much do you love this little bench? It is so adorable and it is a pretty simple build. This one is perfect for keeping your potted plants off the ground or you could even turn it into a mini bench for your little ones. Painted a bright color, this little bench really makes your garden area stand out and you could save some money on the build if you have a few picket fence rails that you want to repurpose.

Plans/Tutorial: creativecountrymom

12. Easy DIY Modern Park Bench

Easy DIY Modern Park BenchThis modern park bench is made of wood and it adds such a beautiful accent to your garden. Imagine this in the garden with a couple of lampposts beside it. This is a really easy one to build and it’s pretty long so you have plenty of room for company. If you want something a bit more unique than a typical bench, this modern park bench is definitely the way to go.

Plans/Tutorial: ana-white

13. Modern DIY Planter Bench

Modern DIY Planter BenchHere is a great planter bench that has a modern look and is super easy to build. This one serves as both a seating and a planting bench and you only need a handful of materials to build it. You will need a few wooden boards and a couple of heavy ceramic planters. This is the perfect way to add seating to your garden that blends in well with its surroundings.

Plans/Tutorial: sunset

14. $30 Concrete Block Bench

$30 Concrete Block BenchA few leftover concrete blocks from other projects and a couple of boards give you all you need to make this gorgeous bench – and if you have to buy the materials, this one won’t cost you more than $30. This is such an easy one to build and you can make it even more comfortable by adding a hand sewn cushion to the top – or just use the top to highlight those potted plants.

Plans/Tutorial: bhg.com

15. DIY Stenciled Headboard Bench

DIY Stenciled Headboard BenchThis little bench looks like a bed but it’s actually a build from scratch project. You can upcycle a small headboard for this if you want and the best part about it is the stenciling. After it is painted, you use stencils to create your welcoming message. This is a lovely bench for holding your plants or other outdoor décor in your garden and it makes a beautiful focal point.

Plans/Tutorial: myrepurposedlife

16. Rustic DIY Log Bench

Rustic DIY Log BenchThis log bench is perfect if you are looking to fill your garden with rustic décor. This would look great next to a rustic outdoor sofa – or just build it by itself. It’s a gorgeous bench that is perfect for relaxing or even holding those potted plants. The plans are super easy to follow and if you have a few wooden boards that you can use, you won’t have to spend much money at all to build this one.

Plans/Tutorial: shelstring

17. DIY Colorful Slat Bench

DIY Colorful Slat BenchI love the slat design of this garden bench, even more so because of the bright colors. You don’t have to paint your DIY bench this way but it does add a lovely look to your garden. This is definitely going to make a wonderful focal point and this is a really simple bench to build.

Plans/Tutorial: aristocrafty

18. Repurposed Chair Tree Bench

Repurposed Chair Tree BenchThis tree bench is absolutely amazing and it is made from old wooden kitchen chairs. If you have a set of chairs – like if maybe you’ve bought a new dining room set – then you can easily build this one. Of course, you will want a tree in the middle of your garden or it will just look like a bunch of chairs circling around nothing. This is a really lovely bench and a great way to add some décor to your outdoor living spaces.

Plans/Tutorial: tooinspiredtosleep

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