Daily Archive: Friday, January 5, 2018

18 Outstanding Interiors With Soft Pink To Enter Diversity In Your Home

If you are a fan of soft pink and other pink hues, then you will definitely like the trend that H & M Home suggests this year. Although purple is the color of the year, this is

Bring Character To Your Kitchen With This DIY Instant Stamp Artwork

January 04 2018 H&H‘s Stacey Smithers enlarges a photo of a vintage porcelain stamp for instant DIY art. I’ve always admired the antique marks on the underside of vintage platters. Photographing, printing and hanging one of these

Indonesian Forest Retreat Unveils Leaf-Shaped Roofs, Grotto Pool

Ananda House is an unconventional holiday retreat designed by IBUKU Architecture in the shape of two multi-level structures. Hidden in the tropical forests of Abiansemal, Indonesia, these two architecture gems blend natural materials with innovative lodging. Stone pathways wind through

Four Homes Under 50 Square Meters

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… If the rolling hills of a large country estate has always been your dream, you might not like what you find here. More and more urban dwellers are finding that