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10 Extravagant Houses From The Worldwide That Are Worth Seeing

Decorating the exterior is more demanding than interior decoration, because here, climate change must be taken into account (rain, snow, sun …). Consequently, it is necessary to select materials that are resistant to all weather conditions for

Why We’re Embracing Imperfection In 2018

January 09 2018 While we love a clean, polished look in design, there’s just something about spaces that aren’t afraid of a little imperfection. Cue wabi-sabi, an ancient Japanese concept centered on impermanence and imperfection in beauty,

‘Two Halves’ Residence in Australia Ensures Both Privacy and Connection

Moloney Architects completed the design of a contemporary residence in Australia. Named for its split monolithic architectural form, Two Halves House is distinguished by two pavilions that appear to stand alone, but in fact live hand-in-hand. The

Dark Grey, White & Wood Tone Decor With Personal Flair

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Dark grey just looks so sophisticated with a white and wood home decor scheme doesn’t it? The depth of hue works sharply against an icy white edge, and is effectively