Daily Archive: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Functional Minimalist Home With Brave Colours & Bespoke Installations

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… The design for this 107 sq m home in Moscow, Russia, was visualised by Design Rocks with functional minimalism in mind. Keeping only what was deemed to be useful, or

DIY Tips For Controlling The Temperature In Your Home This Winter

With winter right around the corner if your home isn’t up-to-date and well maintained it is likely that you might end up spending a fortune on heating and cooling costs. With the shape of the economy and

Upgraded 1950s Ranch Takes in Sweeping Creek Vistas

New York based BFDO Architects completed Deep Point Road House, a renovation and extension of a 1950s ranch located in Montross, Virginia, USA. According to the architects, the updated house needed to take advantage of its beautiful

Mario Batali’s Cinnamon Rolls and the Power of Rage Baking

It was less than a week after Eater published its report on Mario Batali and his sexual misconduct that the chef wrote an “apology letter” to his fans and readers that ended with, none other than, a

The cheapest paces to buy and rent in the UK are revealed

We always knew that a one-bedroom flat in London was expensive. But did you know that it’s SO expensive, it’s actually cheaper to buy a six-bedroom house in any other UK city, except Birmingham?! This staggering statistic

Why Renovations Can Make You Want To Scream Into A Pillow Sometimes

Our post on Instagram last night was admittedly a little cryptic. We were having an extra frustrating day thanks to two discouraging duplex-related blows that came flying at us rapid-fire, in the span of a mere 10 hours.