Daily Archive: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Detailed Guide on Designing A Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Design enthusiasts praise the mid-century modern style – but what is it, exactly? Coined by author Cara Greenberg in her 1984 collection, mid-century modern refers to pieces from the 40’s,

30 DIY Rustic Wooden Toys Kids Will Love

Do you remember those great wooden toys that used to be all the rage back in the day? I love those things and I love that you can actually make many of them yourself. Whether you want

17 Little More Different Planters To Adorn Your Living Space

Sometimes a small change can make a surprising difference, such as decorative pots / planters, which can not serve only as a items for flowers, but you can make different arrangements and they will represent fascinating decorations

Here Are 4 Totally Affordable 2018 Interior Design Resolutions Worth Trying This Year

Try out some of these 2018 interior design resolutions in your home. Image: Peter Eskuche, AIA “New year, new you” doesn’t only have to pertain to gym memberships and budgeting resolutions. It can also extend to your

#81: …And Then Our Pipes Froze

The beach house has thrown us plenty of curveballs, but frozen pipes was not something we ever saw coming. This nailbiter had a (mostly) happy ending, except for one stupid move we made in the final moments.