Daily Archive: Thursday, February 8, 2018

Our New Source For Making Family Photo Books

Ever since MyPublisher shut down last year, one of the most frequent questions we’ve been getting is “who are you going to use to make your family photo book now??” For months and months, we had no good answer

10 Easy DIY Kneeling Pads That Make Gardening Comfortable And Fun

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies. Seriously, I could spend hours upon hours in my gardens just pruning, weeding and planting. Of course, that would mean sore knees from all of that kneeling. So, I thought

17 Extravagant Hit Solutions For Decorating Small Kitchen

Small kitchens always pose a great challenge as there we do a lot of everyday activities that require free space for movement, as well as practically placed elements, to make food preparation and cleaning as easy as

Detailed Guide & Inspiration For Designing A Rustic Living Room

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Think rustic, and you might imagine a wooden ski lodge or historic, half-timbered home. Rustic design doesn’t have to involve chunky, dark timber, thick lines or even a roaring fire.

Why You Need to Incorporate Negative Space in Your Design

Every design needs negative space. Let us show you why. Image: Bjurfors Göteborg If you’re a regular reader of Freshome, you’ve heard about the virtues of negative space. This seemingly-small move can make a huge difference in your

15 Tips For a Unique Coffee Table Decor + Inspiring Ideas

A coffee table is always the center of attention in the living room area. It can display knick-knacks like candles or figurines, and can also carry larger items like vases, trays and books. Your decor can depend