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20 DIY Vertical Gardens That Give You Joy In Small Spaces

One of the biggest challenges that many of us face when decorating our outdoor living spaces is space. While you may want to plant an entire backyard full of lovely flowers and greenery, what if you just

#87: Lessons From The Messiest Homes In America

It’s never fun to get a call saying that you have to tear down something that you just SPENT AN ENTIRE WEEKEND CONSTRUCTING, but that’s exactly what happened with our beach house bunk beds. So this week

16 Attractive Carpet Designs To Style Up Your Interior

The carpet in the interior has a multiple role. In addition to the functional role of these well-known characteristics of improving sound and thermal insulation, the carpet is also decorative item and, as such, participates in the

Product Of The Week: Cute Animal Shaped Multi-Tools

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Take a look at these adorable multi-tools that add utility in a very small and attractive package. Did you like this article? Share it on any of the following

IKEA Kitchen Sale 2018 – Secret Shopping Tips

IKEA kitchen sales are legendary. 3-4 times a year, for about a month, the store has a department-wide sale for up to 20% off — a huge savings off big ticket purchases for a renovation. IKEA’s current

Kitchen extension and makeover with super-sized island

A couple sacrificed as much garden as they 
could bear to gain a bigger kitchen with a super-sized island The couple had never been entirely happy with the inherited kitchen in their London home. ‘The kitchen had