40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today

Gardening is such a favorite pastime of mine that I find myself longing for spring so that I can get outdoors and get started. I recently began thinking of new ways to decorate my lawn and garden this spring. Of course, gardening projects take time so I wanted to make sure that I would have plenty of time to finish all of the projects that I want to start. So, I started looking for easy projects that don’t take much time. What I found are 40 easy one day DIY lawn and garden projects that are going to absolutely blow your mind.
There are so many wonderful things that you can do in your garden in just a day’s time.

40 Easy One Day DIY Lawn And Garden Projects You’ll Want To Try Today

Many of these projects won’t even take the entire day. In fact, some of them are so easy that you can finish them in just an hour or so, which gives you time to finish more than one project every day. Imagine the lovely outdoor decor that you can create in just one weekend! And, if you are really looking forward to decorating your garden and lawn this spring, you should take a look at these 25 DIY garden pots to add even more decor to your outdoors.

I really do love gardening and that includes everything from planting beautiful flowers and healthy herbs to making gorgeous decor for my porch and lawn. These projects are all so wonderfully easy and will add so much style and design to your lawn and garden. From bird feeders to bring in loads of gorgeous birds to DIY planters and even a few structures like fire pits and garden swings, there is definitely something in here that will help you to beautify your outdoor living spaces. And, I hope that you check out these 40 rustic DIY twine projects to add even more décor to your lawn and garden.

1. Easy DIY Watering Can Décor

Easy DIY Watering Can DécorThis watering can décor is so easy to make and you will love showcasing it in your garden. It “pours” crystals, and is perfect for putting in your flower garden or near a garden pond. You can easily make this in a day – in fact, you won’t spend the entire day making it. You will have plenty of time to sit and admire it when you’re finished.

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

2. Amazing $3 Window Box

Amazing $3 Window BoxIf you want to really add some décor to the outside of your home, a window box is the perfect way and this one is doubly perfect. Not only will it add beauty to your outdoors, it only costs around $3 to make. You can make one of these for every window in your home! And, it only takes a couple of hours to finish. What a beautiful way to show off your favorite blooms!

Tutorial: howdoesshe

3. DIY Bird Bath

DIY Bird BathOne of the most beautiful things that you can do for your garden is to add a bird bath. And, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get one. You can DIY this planter that doubles as a bird bath in just a couple of hours. It is made with a large and a smaller planter. The smaller planter holds water for your birds and the larger planter holds beautiful blooms to make this the most gorgeous DIY bird bath ever.

Tutorial: mamitalks

4. Quick And Easy DIY Firepit

Quick And Easy DIY FirepitBelieve it or not, you can build a lovely firepit in just a couple of hours. This one is really easy and it is perfect for sitting outside on those cooler nights and enjoying a nice little fire. You can build this one from cinder blocks or bricks and it really doesn’t take much time. And, if you have a stack of bricks that are just looking for a DIY project – this one won’t cost much at all to build. I really love easy DIY fire pits!

Tutorial: hgtvgardens

5. DIY Rain Barrel

DIY Rain BarrelA rain barrel adds a bit of décor to your garden and also gives you so much wonderful function. Rain water is perfect for hydrating your indoor and outdoor plants. It is much better for plants than city water that contains fluoride and chlorine and this rain barrel is super quick and easy to build. Spend the day making this rain barrel – you’ll even have time to do a second one before the day is over.

Tutorial: familyhandyman

6. DIY Concrete Garden Spheres

DIY Concrete Garden SpheresYou can buy concrete garden spheres for a couple of hundred dollars, or make them yourself for just a small fraction of that cost. And, this is a project that you can easily finish in one day. You could make an entire set of these little concrete globes for your garden. They add such charm to flower gardens and you have so many options of customizing them.

Tutorial: simpledetailsblog

7. DIY Succulent Water Fountain

DIY Succulent Water FountainIf you have an old water fountain or bird bath that you aren’t using in your garden, you can turn it into a beautiful succulent garden in just a couple of hours. I love succulent gardens! They are so easy to care for and grow so beautifully just about anywhere you plant them. Take any old container and add your favorite succulents to really give your garden an uplift.

Tutorial: chigiy

8. Easy One Day DIY Garden Path

Easy One Day DIY Garden PathSpend the afternoon adding a beautiful new garden path to your flower garden. This is a wonderful way to spruce up your garden area and it adds value to your property. Your curb appeal is so important to the value of your home. This garden path idea is perfect for adding value and beauty at the same time – and you can easily finish this in a day.

Tutorial: outdoortheme

9. Upcycled Flower Bed

Upcycled Flower BedAdd an actual bed to your flower bed to give it old world charm. If you have an old metal bed frame, you can literally “plant” the frame into your flower garden and use it to showcase your favorite blooms or succulents. This one is super easy and won’t take you longer than an hour or two including adding your favorite plants. There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate old furniture into your garden design.

Tutorial: diynetworkl

10. DIY Bamboo Water Feature

DIY Bamboo Water FeatureAdd a soothing waterfall to your garden with this easy to build DIY bamboo water feature. This Japanese inspired project is sure to help you to relax in your beautiful new garden and it won’t take you longer than a couple of hours to complete. The cost depends on where you get your bamboo but overall it is very affordable and the perfect way to add some beauty to your outdoors.

Tutorial: familyhandyman

11. Outdoor Daybed

Outdoor DaybedOkay, so you probably won’t want to build this daybed in your garden, but it would be perfect for overlooking your garden. Imagine how much you can relax in this thing and spend hours looking at your gorgeous landscaping. It’s really easy to build and you can have it finished in a day. Throw a few pillows in there and you have the perfect way to enjoy your garden.

Tutorial: apprenticeextrovert

12. DIY Pallet Herb Garden

DIY Pallet Herb GardenIf you really want to do something that will add to your garden, why not plant an herb garden? This DIY pallet herb garden is super simple and you can have it finished in an afternoon. Plus, not only does this add beauty to your landscaping, it adds fresh herbs to your kitchen. You can use those herbs in so many wonderful recipes!

Tutorial: diyshowoff

13. Flower Pot Table

Flower Pot TableAdd a wonderful table to your garden – that you make from a repurposed flower pot. This is a wonderful idea to add some colorful décor to your garden and a garden table is so functional. You need a couple of larger terra cotta or ceramic pots to make this one and the process is really easy. You can actually do a couple of these in a day and really add some décor to your garden.

Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

14. Easy DIY Garden Bench

Easy DIY Garden BenchBuilding a DIY garden bench is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and this one is really easy. It has so much design and style! I love how simple it is and it will only cost you about $15 to build it. It has a lovely curve to it and it is perfect for sitting around your favorite pots or planted flowers. Since it’s so easy and so cheap, you can double up and add a couple of these DIY benches to your garden.

Tutorial: instructables

15. Upcycled Can Flower Tins

Upcycled Can Flower TinsAdd some beautiful planters to your fence or the deck around your garden to give it color and design. These particular flower tins are made from recycled tin cans and you can definitely finish these in less than a day – even if you want to make enough to cover your entire fence. This is a great way to recycle tin cans and get some lovely garden décor at the same time.

Tutorial: stuffstephdoes

16. Repurposed Gutter Hanging Garden

Turn some old guttering into a beautiful hanging garden! This is a really easy and super cute way to repurpose that old guttering. You turn the gutters into planters and then hang them up around your porch or deck. You could even hang these off your fence if you want to add some color there or just about anywhere that there is space for hanging.


17. Upcycled Plastic Jug Planters

Upcycled Plastic Jug PlantersI love anything that turns trash into treasure, which is why I adore these upcycled plastic jug planters. You can take any old plastic bottle and cut off the top to turn it into a gorgeous planter that you can hang around your garden to give it more decoration. These are great for hanging off the porch or deck or from tree limbs if you use them to plant flowers that don’t require a lot of sunlight.

Tutorial: helloglow

18. DIY Cobblestone Path

DIY Cobblestone PathAdding a pathway to your garden is a great way to give it an instant facelift. This DIY cobblestone path can be added in less than a day, in just a couple of hours in fact if you aren’t laying a really long path. You can find cobblestone at any home improvement store and it’s not terribly expensive. Run this through your garden or around the edge. You will be amazed at how it changes how your garden looks.

Tutorial: tancamjenksfam

19. DIY Garden Pond With Fountain

DIY Garden Pond With FountainYou can build a garden pond with a lovely fountain in just one day! This project will cost you anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on a few things, including any supplies that you may already have on hand. This is a beautiful addition to any garden and it really can be built in just a few hours.

Tutorial: familyhandyman

20. Simple DIY Treehouse

Simple DIY TreehouseImagine how thrilled your little ones will be when you build them this easy treehouse! This is a wonderful addition to your lawn or garden area and it is a really easy build. You just need a few boards and a couple of hours to build it. Kids are going to adore having a treehouse or you could actually use this for adults, as well. Throw a few pillows or cushions into it and you have a lovely place to relax and look over your garden.

Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

21. Easy One Day Fairy Garden

Easy One Day Fairy GardenA fairy garden is a wonderful way to add charm and beauty to your lawn and garden area. And, fairy gardens are so much fun to build and to look at. You can make a fairy garden out of so many things – upcycling is a big thing in fairy gardens. And if you have little ones, they are going to absolutely adore your little garden. There are even so many wonderful DIY fairy garden furniture and accessories that you can add.

Tutorial: lifeisaparty

22. Easy DIY Log Planter

Easy DIY Log PlanterWhat a wonderful way to upcycle an old useless log and add decoration to your lawn and garden, as well! If you have an old log that you can hollow out, this project won’t cost you a cent. Honestly, you can check around to see if your friends and family or neighbors have an old log that you can use, too. Then just hollow out a portion and turn that log into a rustic looking planter.

Tutorial: hallmarkchannel

23. DIY Hummingbird Feeder

Nothing brings more beauty to a garden than a hummingbird and you can coax tons of them into your garden with this easy DIY hummingbird dripper. Hummingbirds love their nectar and this is a wonderful way to keep them fed and it’s a project that you can easily finish up in less than a day. Your garden will be so beautiful with all of those hummingbirds flying around and hummingbirds are so good for your flowers.

Tutorial: gardengatemagazine

24. DIY Succulent Wreath

DIY Succulent WreathHere is another project that will only take you a few hours to complete and it is one that will instantly spruce up your lawn and garden. Plant yourself a succulent wreath! These are so easy and they add so much beauty wherever you hang them. You can put this on a door, on the porch or deck, or plant a couple of them and use them to dress up the fencing around your garden.

Tutorial: succulentsandsunshine

25. Simple DIY Outdoor Garden Chandelier

Simple DIY Outdoor Garden ChandelierI love a project that uses mason jars and this outdoor garden chandelier is one of my favorites. You can make this in just a couple of hours and it is absolutely gorgeous when you hang it in the garden. You need a wire basket, which you can get at the Dollar Store for just a dollar or so, and some baubles and a few smaller mason jars. Then just add candles and you have a lovely outdoor chandelier that will instantly bring beauty to your garden.

Tutorial: sunset

26. Five Minute Brick Garden Markers

Five Minute Brick Garden MarkersDIY garden markers are a great way to add some décor to your outdoors. These particular markers can be made in about five minutes and if you have a stack of old bricks on hand, these won’t cost you anything to make. Whether you use these in the herb garden or you want to leave nice welcoming messages in your flower garden, this is definitely a one day project that you will want to try.

Tutorial: simpledetailsblog

27. DIY Marble Garden Fence

DIY Marble Garden FenceMarbles are so inexpensive and they are such a wonderful way to add some light and color to your garden. For this project, you just need a bag of marbles – which you can pick up at the Dollar Store for a couple of dollars. You just add the marbles to your fence or gate. The marbles capture sunlight and give off beautiful colors and this is one of the easiest projects that you can do for your garden in a day.

Tutorial: creatingreallyawesomefunthings

28. DIY Hanging Glass Garden Lights

DIY Hanging Glass Garden LightsI love lighting in the garden. It is such a wonderful way to brighten up the space, especially at night. You can make your own garden lighting with a few light globes and some twine or rope. These are gorgeous when they are finished and they are perfect for lighting up a flower garden or a walkway around your garden.

Tutorial: inmyownstyle

29. DIY Marbled Terra Cotta Planters

DIY Marbled Terra Cotta PlantersTurn ordinary terra cotta planters into beautiful marbled planters with just a few cheap terra cotta pots and some nail polish. This is a beautiful way to show off those flowers and plants and it is perfect for adding some style and beauty to your flower garden. These would also look great lining your walkway to the porch or deck or just anywhere that you want to add some gorgeous décor outdoors.

Tutorial: henryhappened

30. Upcycled Pallet Walkway

Upcycled Pallet WalkwayA walkway is a wonderful way to add some design to your garden, and you can make this one from upcycled pallets. I do love a good DIY pallet project and this one will instantly transform your garden into a work of art. This is such an easy way to get some DIY garden décor and it’s a project that you can finish in an afternoon – even if you want a really long walkway around your garden.

Tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors

31. DIY Garden Swing

DIY Garden SwingWhat better way to dress up your garden than with a swing? This DIY wooden swing is super easy to build and you can finish it in just a few hours. It is definitely a one day project that you will want to try. You can put this on the porch or hang it from a tree in your garden so that you can sit and relax while you are looking over your gorgeous flowers in the spring and summer.

Tutorial: sunset

32. DIY Portable Potting Bench

DIY Portable Potting BenchA potting bench is a virtual must if you garden quite a bit and this one is really easy to build. You can finish this one in just a few hours and if you happen to have some wood left over from other projects, you’re halfway finished already. Put this right in your garden or over by your fence to give yourself the perfect place to plant your seedlings and prune your potted plants.

Tutorial: todayshomeowner

33. Repurposed Glass Hanging Bird Bath

Repurposed Glass Hanging Bird BathTurn an old glass lid into a gorgeous hanging bird bath that you can put right there in your garden. If you have a tree in your garden area, you can hang this lovely bird bath right from a tree limb and it is a really simple project to make. You just need a glass lid from a casserole dish, pot or bowl and something to hang it with like rope or twine.

Tutorial: sadieseasongoods

34. Quick And Simple Garden Glove Rack

Quick And Simple Garden Glove RackIf you garden quite a bit, you definitely have a good pair of garden gloves and if you do, then you need somewhere to keep them, right? This DIY garden glove rack is really easy to build and so beneficial for keeping those gloves organized and put away. You can make this from so many upcycled materials and then hang it on your fence or the side of your house – whichever is closest to your garden.

Tutorial: instructables

35. Small DIY Garden Fountain

Small DIY Garden FountainFor under $20, you can build this gorgeous fountain for your garden and you can have it finished in just a few hours. This is one of my favorite one day garden projects. I love a fountain in the garden. The sound of trickling water is so relaxing and a fountain adds so much beauty to your outdoor living spaces. This one is made from a large planting pot and a few other basic materials and it will be your favorite garden project this spring.

Tutorial: gardenstew

36. Whimsical Topsy Turvey Planter

Whimsical Topsy Turvey PlanterA few terra cotta pots, some rebar and a couple of hours of time are all you need to build this amazing topsy turvey planter. This is definitely going to add some style and design to your garden and it is really easy to build. I love the whimsical look of this one. It is perfect for anywhere in the garden and since it’s so easy, you could do a couple of these in a day and fill your space with whimsical DIY garden décor.

Tutorial: weheartthis

37. Upcycled Teacup Bird Feeder

Upcycled Teacup Bird FeederIf you have a couple of trees in your garden area, you really need to make a few of these lovely upcycled teacup bird feeders. Just hang them wherever you have the space to do so. They are super easy to make and your birds are going to love them, too. Plus, having birds around your garden is so good for your plants and it is a lovely way to add some extra décor.

Tutorial: urbangardensweb

38. DIY Vertical Flower Bed

DIY Vertical Flower BedAdding this vertical flower bed to your garden area will instantly brighten up your outdoor living spaces. This one is really easy to build and you can make it from some upcycled pallets and lattice. If you don’t have lattice, you can easily build your own from small boards or paint stirrers. I love how gorgeous this is with the flowers poking out and it is perfect for standing up against the house or a fence in the garden.

Tutorial: theidearoom

39. DIY Seashell Wind Chime

DIY Seashell Wind ChimeAny wind chime that you add to your garden area is going to make it more beautiful. A DIY wind chime is a gorgeous way to add some design and these are so easy to make. Whether you choose seashells to give your garden a more natural and coastal look or you prefer your wind chimes made out of other materials, adding one is going to instantly brighten up your garden.

Tutorial: poindextr

40. DIY Vertical Wooden Garden Planter

DIY Vertical Wooden Garden PlanterSome leftover boards from other projects are perfect for creating this vertical standing wooden planter. This is a great way to showcase those favored plants and flowers and you can stand this in your garden or use it to decorate the porch or deck overlooking your flower garden. Since this one is so easy to build, you can do a couple of them in just one day and have them all over your garden spaces.

Tutorial: cherishedbliss

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