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Butterfly Wings Inspire Art Studio Design in Connecticut

Valerie Schweitzer Architects completed the design of a tiny sanctuary for creativity and reflection in Westport, Connecticut. Inspired in part by the closing of a butterfly’s wings, this 350 square foot (32.5 square meter) art studio and private office

Mandy Moore Pantry Organization Home Edit Photos Instagram

We love a good sneak peek inside a celeb’s home via Instagram. If you’ve been following This Is Us star Mandy Moore lately on the ‘gram, you’ve seen an eyeful of her newly renovated pad, and recently,

Best memory foam pillows – the top pillows for better sleep

Make sleepless nights a thing of the past by investing in some tried and trusted memory foam pillows Could your pillow do with an upgrade? Chances are most of us are guilty of sleeping on a lumpy

Two Examples Of Industrial Modern Rustic Interior Design

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Modern rustic decor often melds with industrial home style. Combining rustic furniture and accents with industrial ideas results in an interesting contrast; where concrete backdrops and reclaimed metal intermingle with

12 Near Genius IKEA Hacks For Your Lawn And Garden

IKEA hacks are my favorites! I just get such a thrill out of turning an ordinary something into an extraordinary new creation. If you have ever shopped with IKEA then you know that they literally have everything.

19 Timeless Solutions To Boost Your Interior With Colors

One of the first steps in decorating a dwelling or any other space, is choosing the right color for that space. It is not enough just to choose the color that is your favorite, because each color

We Asked Interior Design Pros to Share Their Best Tips on Small Space Living

The pros weigh in on how they handle small space living. Image: McGinn Photography Anyone who’s ever had to deal with a tiny apartment knows that small space living comes with its own set of challenges. It

3 Scandinavian Homes with Cozy Dining Rooms

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… There is nothing quite as cozy and inviting as the clean lines and soft textures that are so common in the Scandinavian design style. By using soothing neutral tones alongside

#85: What We Got Wrong In Our Beach House Kitchen

This week I’m fessing up to a design choice that I insisted we make in our beach house kitchen, but now realize was – shall we say – misguided? Thankfully it’s not too hard to undo, so

Ways to Spruce up Your Home for Spring

With the sun shining brightly, beautiful flowers blooming around you and gardens coming back to life, you would surely want to spruce up your home for spring. It is that time of the year when there is