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Martha Stewart Closet Renovation April 2018 Issue Photos

With decades of experience telling us all how to better organize our homes and our lives, we can only imagine that Martha Stewart has left no space of her own unturned. That may now be true, because

30+ Easy DIY Craft Ideas For You to Try

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018 Let’s face it: we are all secretly obsessed with DIY. Being able to create something with our own two hands using minimal materials allows our creative side to shine through. Not to

5 Easy DIY Easter Projects You Can Make With Ordinary Craft Sticks

When it comes to Easter, our family loves to go all-out. We are always in search of new craft projects and traditions. If you want to see some of what we have been up to this year,

Very metallic accessories and furniture from the Ideal Home collection

Why not treat yourself to one of the hero pieces from the Ideal Home collection at Very? Everyone needs a glamorous pick-me-up now and again… so why should your home be any different? Metallic accessories are the

Ritzy UK Home with Glam Metallic Accents

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… A super swanky interior awaits us in this ritzy home near London, UK, visualised by Polish firm KUOO Architects. The enormous project is filled wall to wall with expensive design

This Paint Color Could Increase Your Home’s Selling Price

March 27 2018 Thinking about selling your home? You might want to splurge on one last thing before putting a ‘For Sale’ sign on the lawn: a can of blue paint. According to a Paint Color Analysis

The House & Home Guide To Paint Finishes

April 26 2018 We break down the different paint finishes and how to best use them below. Matte/Flat  Why: Creates a rich, soft and slightly chalky-looking finish that absorbs light well to help hide any surface imperfections. Where:

40 Crazy Creative Spray Paint Projects That Will Transform Your Life

1. Thrift Store Bird Cage Makeover Whether you have an old bird cage sitting around, find one at your local thrift store, or you use a plastic one that you can pick up at most Dollar Stores,

The Writing’s on the Wall: 20 Decorating With Chalkboard Paint Ideas

What if we told you that decorating with chalkboard paint can be totally grown up and chic? We’re not talking about the old-school green chalkboards of the past. You can buy black chalkboard paint at most home

375 Bedroom Colors for Any Style

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2017 When it comes to decorating a bedroom, your color choices can make all the difference. With these color ideas, you’ll find tips and inspiration. From rustic reds to nautical blues, you can