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Have a cool themed or well thought out color pallet? Post it here!

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May 6, 2017 - Working with Palettes. palettes contain 96 colors

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paintnet color palettes. 1848906 add to favorites. #271C11 #7F583B #5C3F29 #A2724A #B58459. #221C16

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Aug 1, 2017 - You can't import color schemes as palettes into

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dawnbringer-palettes - Limited color palettes by DawnBringer in various formats.

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Then when Hapiel of PJ accidentally asked if I could help out with a 32 color palette for the Open Pixel Platformer Project, it was a good incentive to wrap

Palettes Isimonbrown tutorials & downloads. Cutting out images · Exporting frames with VLC · How to run on a Mac · Creating a collage using layers · Plugin pack ·