10 Easy DIY Outdoor Plant Stands To Show Off Those Patio Plants In Style

Don’t you just love showing off your favorite potted plants? I do and I recently started thinking of ways to highlight my potted plants on my patio. You see, I have several indoor plant stands but I have never considered adding anything outdoors. I normally just leave the pots on the patio floor. This year, I wanted to really dress up my patio so I thought that I would DIY a few plant stands for outdoors. I found 10 easy DIY outdoor plants stands that will really help you to show off those porch and patio plants in style.

10 Easy DIY Outdoor Plant Stands To Show Off Those Patio Plants In Style

From hanging basket plant stands to covered buckets, concrete and repurposed materials, these plant stands are made with so many different things and there is sure to be one in here that you can use to highlight your patio plants. Whether you are looking for something rustic or something a bit more contemporary, I promise that you will find something that you love in this collection. And, to really highlight those plants on the patio, you should plant them in one of these 25 DIY garden pots.

You could use many of these DIY plant stands indoors as well as out, but they are designed for outdoor use. They are gorgeous and so easy to make, too. When I do a DIY project, the two things I often look for are ease of making the project and overall cost. I am happy to say that all of these DIY outdoor plant stands are easy to make and are super cheap, particularly when you compare them to buying an outdoor plant stand. So, get started on these this weekend and add some style to your outdoors. And, take a look at these 20 DIY window box planters to add even more style to your outdoor living spaces.

1. Rustic Hanging Plant Stand

Rustic Hanging Plant StandThis wooden plant stand has a wonderful rustic look and it wouldn’t be hard at all to DIY. You just create a framed in hanging planter for those hanging plants and flowers. I found this one on Etsy and it’s just over $30 and you get a wide variety of wood stains. But if you prefer to DIY it, this one looks really easy. Just build the standing wood base and add your hangers for vining plants and flowers.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

2. DIY Cement Top Plant Stand

DIY Cement Top Plant StandYou can make this amazingly cool cement plant stand for around $5 or less! Have one on every corner of your porch without spending as much as you would to buy just one of these in a home improvement store. These are so easy and don’t you just love cool DIY concrete projects? This is definitely a good choice for outdoors and you can paint or otherwise decorate these however you like.

Tutorial/Source: dwellinginhappiness

3. DIY Copper Pipe Mini Pot Stand

DIY Copper Pipe Mini Pot StandIf you have smaller plants that you want to display…and protect…this little mini DIY cooper pipe pot stand is a great choice. Copper pipes aren’t cheap but you don’t need a lot to make this one and if you happen to have any on hand from remodeling, then it won’t cost you a thing to make this. This is also a really cute little plant stand that is perfect for the porch or patio table.

Tutorial/Source: puresweetjoy

4. Repurposed Five Gallon Bucket Plant Stand

Repurposed Five Gallon Bucket Plant StandAn old five gallon bucket and some rope are all you need to create this lovely repurposed plant stand. I love a good repurposing project and honestly, who knew there were so many repurpose projects for five gallon buckets? Once you have your bucket, you just cover it in rope – and you can use colored rope to make it more interesting or plain rope for more of a coastal feel.

Tutorial/Source: homedepot

5. Contemporary Cylinder Pot Planter Stand

Contemporary Cylinder Pot Planter StandThis cylinder pot stand is a bit more modern than some of the others, but it would work even if you have more of a farmhouse look on your patio or porch. You build the plant stand out of thin boards and then just add your cylinder pot to it. These would be great on the corners of your porch or anywhere outside that you want to put them. Just remember to measure your pot carefully before you build it so that you get a good fit. I found this one on Etsy for under $40 and it comes with the pot, too.

Tutorial/Source: Etsy.com

6. DIY Copper And Marble Plant Stand

DIY Copper And Marble Plant StandThis copper and marble DIY plant stand is perfect for indoors or out. You make this with copper piping and the marble top is made from plywood covered with a porcelain floor tile. Overall it is a pretty simple project and won’t cost too much to make. This little table is gorgeous when it is finished and it would look lovely on your patio or porch or even inside the entryway.

Tutorial/Source: foxtailandmoss

7. Super Easy Wooden Plant Stand

Super Easy Wooden Plant StandThis DIY wooden plant stand is super easy to make and it costs very little. You just need some hardwood dowels and a small hardwood board to make this one. You do need access to a few power tools, so keep that in mind. Overall, this one is one of the easiest ones to make, even with the need for power tools and it is perfect for using on the porch or patio or even indoors if you have a houseplant that needs a new home.

Tutorial/Source: hellolidy

8. DIY Geometric Planter/Stand Combo

DIY Geometric Planter/Stand ComboThis DIY geometric box works as both a planter and a plant stand. You don’t need a separate stand with this one and the design is absolutely gorgeous. You could make these for the corners of your porch or patio and give your entire outdoors a new look. They are really easy to make out of wood and then you just paint on the geometric design.

Tutorial/Source: merrimentdesign

9. Repurposed Piano Stool Plant Stand

Repurposed Piano Stool Plant StandIf all else fails and you really need an outdoor plant stand, just repurpose that old piano stool. If you don’t have an old piano stool that you can use, check yard sales and thrift stores. This round stool works perfectly as a DIY plant stand but you could also use a longer stool if that’s what you have on hand. You could simply remove the padded top and put your plants inside the stool. It’s a great way to incorporate furniture into your garden.

Tutorial/Source: nur-noch

10. Colorful Repurposed Tomato Cage Plant Stands

Colorful Repurposed Tomato Cage Plant StandsThese little wire tomato cages are just a few dollars each at your local gardening store and they make wonderful DIY plant stands. You just have to choose what color you want to make them – if you can’t find them in different colors, that is. You could just turn the cage up and put your pots inside or you could create a wooden or even marble top for these to make them a bit more elegant.

Tutorial/Source: loveandrenovations

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