10 Gorgeous DIY Gazing Balls To Decorate Your Garden

I have always loved gazing balls in the garden. They add such a decorative element and give you such a focal point. Of course, those things aren’t cheap. You could spend anywhere from $30 to more than $100 depending on the style of the gazing ball and where you get it. A better way is to simply DIY your gazing ball, and I have 10 wonderful ways that you can do that. Whether you want a mirrored ball or you prefer something with a bit more decoration, I have a great list of 10 gorgeous DIY gazing balls that you can make today.

10 Gorgeous DIY Gazing Balls To Decorate Your Garden

I really love working in my garden and my yard. I love seeing people look at my outdoor décor when they drive by and adding a few gazing balls to my flower garden just seems like a wonderful way to get some extra design. If you love working in your garden, too, then these DIY gazing balls are the perfect project for you this weekend. You can make many of these in about an hour or so and they range is type, design and size so there is literally a gazing ball for every garden. And, be sure to also take a look at these 25 DIY garden pots. They will also add décor to your outdoor living spaces.

From upcycled bowling balls to DIY concrete projects, you can make your own gazing balls out of so many different materials. And the design aspects are endless. No matter what your outdoor style, you are going to find a DIY gazing ball project that is perfect for adding to your garden or yard. And did I mention that some of these are upcycling projects? You know how I love a good upcycling or repurposing project. Just take a look at these 25 ways that you can repurpose your old garden tools. They also add style and decoration to your outdoor living area.

1. Easy DIY Concrete Garden Balls

Easy DIY Concrete Garden BallsThese concrete garden spheres are so easy to make and you can fill your garden with them. You just need a mold and you can use a really inexpensive light cover for that if you don’t have something else on hand. Leave these plain or you could even paint them or cover them with mirrored objects to give them a great gazing ball quality. There are so many cool DIY concrete projects!

Tutorial: designsponge

2. DIY Glass Stone Covered Gazing Balls

DIY Glass Stone Covered Gazing BallsYou can buy glass stones at the Dollar Store for a dollar or so per bag. Once you have a couple of bags, you can use them to create a gorgeous gazing ball for your garden. This is a super easy project and you can use a Styrofoam ball or any number of other balls to create this one. You just have to cover the balls with your glass stones and you’re all set.

Tutorial: smartfundiy

3. Repurposed Bowling Ball Gazing Ball

Repurposed Bowling Ball Gazing BallYou can find bowling balls at yard sales and at thrift stores and they cost very little. I recently saw one at my local thrift store for under $5, which is much less expensive than an actual gazing ball. Take that old bowling ball and cover it to turn it into a gorgeous gazing ball for your garden. Not only is a bowling ball a good idea because it’s cheap, it is also really heavy so you won’t have to worry about damage from wind and other inclement weather.

Tutorial: http://www.gardeninghelpinformation.com/bowling-ball-gazing-ball/

4. Repurposed Glass Light Fixture Gazing Ball

Repurposed Glass Light Fixture Gazing BallYou don’t even need to have a ball on hand to make your own gazing ball. You can make a gorgeous garden ball from an old light cover – or a new one. Light covers can be purchased for less than $5 each in most cases and they are perfect for creating gazing balls. You just have to cover them with mirrored paint or something similar to give them that glittery and shiny look.

Tutorial: engineermommy

5. DIY Lighted Grapevine Balls

DIY Lighted Grapevine BallsThese lighted grapevine balls aren’t like traditional gazing balls but they will definitely add some style and décor to your garden. And, they are so very easy to make. Grapevine is really inexpensive and you can hang these or just lay them around in your garden. Add clear lights to make them glow at night or you could even paint these with some mirrored paint if you prefer a more traditional gazing ball look.

Tutorial: lynneknowlton

6. Easy DIY Mirrored Gazing Ball

Easy DIY Mirrored Gazing BallTurn an old bowling ball – or basketball or anything round – into a beautiful mirrored gazing ball. All you need is the ball and some mirrored paint – and a couple of hours to put it all together. These are traditional looking gazing balls and they are perfect for placing anywhere in your garden. And, they are super easy to make – you can turn out a couple in about an hour. There are some great DIY spray paint projects out there and this is just one of them!

Tutorial: thegardenglove

7. Washer Covered DIY Garden Gazing Ball

Washer Covered DIY Garden Gazing BallYou don’t have to have mirrored paint or buy expensive shiny objects to create your own garden gazing ball. You can simply cover a ball in metal washers and get the same effect. I love this idea for men’s gardens, too. You just choose the object that you want to cover, like a bowling ball or even a Styrofoam ball and then cover it with washers or other shiny toolshed type objects.

Tutorial: hgtv

8. Decorative Bowling Ball Gazing Ball

Decorative Bowling Ball Gazing BallYou don’t have to cover your garden ball in shiny objects to make a beautiful gazing ball. I love this upcycled bowling ball that you can decoupage with images instead of shiny objects. Choose your image and then just use Mod Podge to get it to stick to your bowling ball. This is a lovely idea for adding some extra color to your flower garden and these would look beautiful next to the porch or deck.

Tutorial: myrepurposedlife

9. Penny Covered Garden Gazing Ball

Penny Covered Garden Gazing BallPennies are money and spend just as well as any other denomination, although it does take several of them. So why not just turn them into a gorgeous garden gazing ball? You can use a couple of dollars’ worth of pennies for this project and still save a ton over buying a gazing ball in the store. And, this is a really simple project and a great way to repurpose those pennies.

Tutorial: kindredstyle

10. Miniature Gazing Balls

If you have a fairy garden or you just want smaller gazing balls to add in with your potted plants, you can use marbles and glass stones to make mini gazing balls. These are so gorgeous and perfect for adding some pizzazz to your fairy gardens. These would also look beautiful in house plants or just anywhere that you want to bring some color and beauty to your garden. You will definitely want to add these to your list of DIY fairy garden accessories.

Tutorial: gardentherapy

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