20 Cool DIY Projects To Deck Out Your Deck For Summer Entertaining

During summer, I love having people out to entertain. My deck isn’t the best looking one in the world though so I recently started wondering about how I could make it look better before I began my summer get togethers. There’s not a lot of space, so I needed something that wouldn’t take up much room but would still add to the appeal of my outdoors. What I found are 20 of the most amazing ways to deck out my deck this summer!

20 Cool DIY Projects To Deck Out Your Deck For Summer Entertaining

Whether you need to add seating for large crowds or you want something simple and decorative, you are sure to find an idea in here that will turn your otherwise boring deck into something wonderful for summer. From cushiony seats to picnic tables and even a neat little bottle opener that hangs right there in the deck, these DIY deck projects are a must for summer fun and entertaining. And if you do tend to entertain outdoors quite a bit during summer, you just have to check out these 21 genius grilling hacks that will make you the master of summer entertaining.

When I look for DIY projects, I always try to find things that are cheap and easy. Many of these deck projects can be done with repurposed materials or reclaimed wood, which makes them really inexpensive. If you want to really wow your summer crowds this year, you just have to check out these DIY summer deck projects. You are going to find the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your outdoors! And, you need to be sure to take a look at these 30 DIY firepits that will add even more décor to your outdoors this year.

1. Repurposed Pallet Picnic Table

Repurposed Pallet Picnic TableHow great would this picnic table look at the end of your deck? Not only is it easy to make – and cheap too since it’s made from repurposed pallets – it gives you so much extra seating for those summer get togethers. You could even be really creative and build this right in to your deck if you wanted. It’s a simple summer DIY project that will sure come in handy when you have people over.

Tutorial: ana-white

2. DIY Chalkboard Deck Bottle Opener

DIY Chalkboard Deck Bottle OpenerHow adorable is this bottle opener? You can make this from reclaimed wood and when it’s finished, give it a nice coat of chalkboard paint. I love DIY chalkboard paint projects and this one is just too cute. It’s perfect for those summer parties – if you serve bottled drinks that need to be opened, that is. And, it’s simple and really cheap to make. Plus, it has a little jar on the bottom that collects those bottle caps and you can use those for some great DIY bottle cap projects.

Tutorial: littlemissdexterous

3. Easy DIY Crate Bench

Easy DIY Crate BenchYou really can never have too much outdoor seating, especially if you tend to entertain outdoors during the summer months. If you need extra seating, this DIY crate bench is perfect. Not only is it a bench that can hold three to four people easy, it has storage in the crates so it is perfect for helping to keep your deck organized. This one is almost too easy to build and it costs less than $100, even if you have to buy all of the materials.

Tutorial: hometalk

4. DIY Crocheted Porch Poof

DIY Crocheted Porch PoofI love this little porch poof that you can easily crochet in a weekend, even if you are relatively new to crocheting. This would be perfect as extra seating when you are entertaining outdoors or you could use it as a footstool as well. It’s a really easy pattern to follow and you don’t need to know any complicated stitching to make it. Do a couple of these before summer so that you have more than enough outdoor seating for those summer parties.

Tutorial: thebirchcottage

5. DIY Monogrammed Porch Mat

DIY Monogrammed Porch MatBefore you start inviting people over for barbecues and pool parties this summer, take a few minutes to make this gorgeous DIY monogrammed porch mat. It’s a really simple DIY project and it will certainly dress up that deck. This is a good one to have to keep people from dirtying up your indoor floors and it is perfect for adding a bit of elegant décor to the porch.

Tutorial: livealittlewilderblog

6. DIY Outdoor Modular Seating

DIY Outdoor Modular SeatingThis modular seating that you can easily DIY is the perfect summer addition to your deck or porch. This will certainly give you plenty of seating for those summer parties and it is so easy to make. The pieces are all separate so you can arrange it however you want once you have them all put together. It’s comfortable and adds so much décor to the deck!

Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

7. Upcycled Side Table Drink Station

Upcycled Side Table Drink StationTake an old side table, that you can get at a thrift store for around $5 or so, and turn it into the perfect drink station for your deck. This will really be a hit at those summer get togethers and it has such a lovely rustic look to it, too. I love the galvanized tub that holds drinks and ice and you can honestly have this little drink station finished in just a couple of hours.

Tutorial: ishouldbemoppingthefloor

8. Cheap And Easy DIY Farmhouse Style Bench

Cheap And Easy DIY Farmhouse Style BenchAdd this bench to your deck for additional seating or just to add to your farmhouse style. This one is so easy to make and it definitely has that rustic farmhouse look to it. You make this bench from wood and then paint the bottom white. The entire thing will cost you less than $30 – and even less than that if you have a few pieces of wood on hand to use. This is a great DIY farmhouse furniture idea!

Tutorial: thecreativemom

9. DIY Hammock Swing

This DIY hammock swing is sure to be a hit with your summer party guests or you could just keep it for yourself. Imagine relaxing on the deck in your own hammock chair. It’s a super easy DIY project and you can use scrap fabric if you have any on hand to make it. This one is so easy that you may just want to make a couple so that your guests don’t fight over the most comfortable seat on the deck.


10. DIY Hanging Canvas Lounge Chair

DIY Hanging Canvas Lounge ChairHere is another wonderful idea for added seating on your deck or porch. This hanging lounge chair is made from canvas and it is so comfortable. It’s great for those summer outdoor parties or you may just want to keep this one for yourself. What a perfect way to relax! It’s a super easy chair to make and a great conversation piece when you do have an outdoor get together.

Tutorial: themerrythought

11. Hand Painted Front Porch Rules Sign

Hand Painted Front Porch Rules SignThis front porch rules sign is so easy to do and it will certainly add some pizzazz to your deck. You just attach strips of wood together, all painted various shades of farmhouse colors like white, gray, and green and then put in the message that you want to convey. It’s so simple and it is perfect for adding to your deck this summer.

12. DIY Pallet Wood Chair With Farmhouse Cushions

DIY Pallet Wood Chair With Farmhouse CushionsThis DIY wood chair can easily be made with repurposed pallets and the farmhouse style cushions just really sets it off. You can make the cushions from old feed sacks or flour sacks and they are perfect for adding some added décor to your deck. This is the perfect outdoor seating for summer parties and it literally only takes a couple of hours to make it. This is the perfect DIY outdoor pallet project for summer!

Tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors

13. DIY Patio Cooler

DIY Patio CoolerEvery deck needs a great cooler, especially if you tend to entertain outdoors a lot during the summer. This one is super easy to make and it is sure to impress your guests. You make this from an ordinary cooler and basically build a wooden base around it. You can paint it when you’re finished or just leave it plain – it has a great rustic look to it as it is.

Tutorial: diypete

14. Repurposed Drop Cloth Outdoor Curtains

Repurposed Drop Cloth Outdoor CurtainsAdd some elegance to your deck with these great DIY curtains that you can make from drop cloths. These are great if you need a bit of privacy from neighbors or if you want to block out the sun during daytime parties or even to create an intimate atmosphere for an outdoor candlelit dinner. However you use them, you are going to love how easy they are to make.

Tutorial: heytherehome

15. Simple DIY Ladder Shelf

Simple DIY Ladder ShelfAdd this DIY ladder shelf to your deck for holding plants, figurines or any number of other things. It certainly gives a wonderful rustic look and you can build it in just a couple of hours. This is a wonderful way to add some décor to an otherwise empty area of the deck and a
great way to showcase your favorite potted plants and flowers this summer.

Tutorial: makingitinthemountains

16. Upcycled Lattice Décor

Upcycled Lattice DécorAn old piece of lattice and some empty mason jars give you the makings for the perfect décor for your deck. If you have a space that is otherwise plain, this lattice that holds mason jars of flowers is the perfect way to spruce it up just a bit. And, this is one of the simplest DIY projects I have seen for outdoors and it’s a great way to show off those pretty summer blooms.

Tutorial: houseofhawthornes

17. Easy DIY Outdoor Chandelier

Easy DIY Outdoor ChandelierIf you tend to entertain after dark during summer, this DIY outdoor chandelier is a must. This is such an easy DIY project and it lets you use an old chandelier that you may otherwise throw out. If you don’t have a chandelier that isn’t working, you can find them at thrift stores. Then you replace the light bulb sections with candles and for summer, you could burn citronella candles to keep the bugs away from your party.

Tutorial: heytherehome

18. DIY Deck Loungers

DIY Deck LoungersThese DIY lounge chairs are perfect for your deck, especially if that deck leads to a swimming pool. Even if you don’t have a pool, you really need to check these out. They are perfect for extra deck seating and great for those summer parties during the day when your guests may want to relax and get some rays. Plus, they are super easy to make.

Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

19. DIY Outdoor Movie Seats

DIY Outdoor Movie SeatsOkay, so these outdoor movie seats really go well in the front yard, but they will also dress up your deck really nicely. If you plan to have many outdoor parties and especially if you are in to showing outdoor movies, you really need to check these out. They are so easy to make and so comfortable. Your guests are going to love them! What a wonderful DIY backyard furniture idea!

Tutorial: notjustahousewife

20. DIY Decorative Pallet Sign

DIY Decorative Pallet SignHere is another great DIY porch sign that will help you to dress up your deck this summer. You can do any message that you want and you put that message on a pallet. This is the easiest way to add some outdoor décor and it’s really cheap. You can get pallets for next to nothing, if you don’t already have one on hand that you can use, that is.


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