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In response to housing shortages and rising prices, shipping container homes continue to increase in popularity. In Copenhagen, an ongoing architectural undertaking known as Urban Rigger aims to create affordable housing options for students.

An original set of the shipping container dorms located on the harbor are already full of satisfied student occupants, says Urban Rigger CEO Rasmus Rømeling. However, the newest iterations of the upcycled containers-turned-sleek dormitories are actually located on the water.

(Image credit: Morten Jerichau)

“The general idea was to use water areas in canals and in industrial harbors that’s not used anymore for industrial production,” Rømeling told Mashable of Urban Rigger’s plan to address the demand for student housing. “If you look at Europe and if you take [the] U.S. as well, it’s a big problem for the big cities with the big universities to create student homes.”

(Image credit: Morten Jerichau)

Each rigger accommodates 12 people, features floor-to-ceiling windows that grant views of the surrounding harbor and keeps the open spaces sufficiently illuminated. Some of the features and amenities included in each unit are a front door with a porthole window, a kitchen that includes a sink and wood cabinetry, sleeping space and a shared bathroom. A rooftop deck makes for the perfect gathering, lounging and catching some sun rays. Incredibly, it also serves as a huge diving board.

(Image credit: Morten Jerichau)

Additionally, Urban Rigger units are available for purchase, with prices ranging from $149,900 to $196,000 depending on the apartment. Despite the demand from other companies to adopt the Urban Rigger concept for alternative purposes, Rømeling says the immediate plan is to keep the focus on meeting the residential needs of students.

(Image credit: Morten Jerichau)

In addition to its refreshing waterfront view, the Urban Rigger is close to plenty of entertainment options like sports arenas and restaurants, an environment that’s ideal for students who look forward to balancing their work with a little bit of play.

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