Funny Valentines Day Cards – 2018 Pop Culture

You may not have Carrie Brownstein, Kanye, or Eleven wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day in person, but these cards are the next best thing…

“You’re the Fred to My Carrie” Card, from Drunk Girl Designs; $10 (lead image)

“You are the Kim to my Kanye”, from The Card Architect; $7.50. Also available as “You are the Kanye to my Kim”

“You’re Unforgettable” Barb Holland from Stranger Things Card from Ann Brudney; $6

“You’re Sponge Worthy” Seinfeld Card, from Perks of Aurora; $3.75

“I Want to Be Yours” X-Files Card from Eyesore Design; $4.25

“I Long For Your Bottom” Harry Potter Card, from Paper Avenue Shop; $3.70

“To Be Frank, I Like You” Ron Swanson Card, from Drunk Girl Designs; $4

“My Precious” Gollum Card, from Meet Me in Shermer; $4.59

“You’re My Dandelion” Crazy Eyes Card, from Orsum Art; $4.50

“Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling Card, from Near Modern Disaster; $1.00

“Hey Girl” Jabba the Hutt Card, from Meet Me in Shermer; $4.59

“I Love You More Than LaCroix” from Debbie Draws Funny; $4.50

“We Go Together Like Biden and Obama” from That Cool Sign; $4.25

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